April 2022 Winner

Horror & Mystery Book Club March 2022 Submissions THE FREQUENCY TEST C. I. I. Jones She passed. Or failed. It depends on your perspective. Trina picked the very thought from his head. She was getting good at that, she knew. And she knew that the giant man didn’t like it. Didn’t like her going into his mind and picking his thoughts. That’s why he made … Continue reading April 2022 Winner

March 2022 Winner

Horror & Mystery Book Club February 2022 Submissions STINKBAIT Terrye Turpin Our dispatcher, Corinna Boddy, met me at the door on Monday morning with a Styrofoam cup of black coffee and a neon green sticky note.  “Carol Adams called, said her sister’s missing.”  Corinna held onto the coffee until I took the note from her. Corinna’s been with the sheriff’s office over forty years. Her … Continue reading March 2022 Winner

February 2022 Winner

Horror & Mystery Book Club January 2022 Submissions COMBUSTION Justin Boote The first to hit you is the smell. Imagine a thousand cows burning to death in an enclosed barn. The rank stench of burning flesh, hair, and bone. The heat is secondary—it can be dealt with—but the smell…You vomit the first time, the second, and all the others. Nothing on Earth can help or … Continue reading February 2022 Winner