Book Cover Design Services

EToney Designs specializes in dark and mysterious custom book covers for individuals or publishing companies. Let’s make a book cover together that visually represents your book, and stands out on the shelves by speaking to your target audience.

Photography for the covers are either original photographs taken by EToney or purchased and then edited. Digital or print marketing promotions, photo restorations, and free book challenges are also available.

SOLD Book Cover Designs

Following are some examples of previously purchased cover design projects. Check back soon as this section will continue to be updated regularly.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

When someone scrolls through Amazon or browses a bookshelf, for many people, the book cover is what grabs the reader’s attention to pick it up and read the synopsis amongst thousands. The design, blurb, title, author recognition, publisher, and images, all come together to tell the reader instantly what kind of genre or subgenre they can expect. If the cover paints a different picture than the content, the reader may be disappointed which can drive bad reviews. We don’t want that.

On a Budget?

These pre-made cover designs are available quickly and can be modified with a new title text, blurb, and author name. In some cases, the color scheme can also be adjusted. As with all designs, once it has been sold, it will not be available to anyone else.

Cover mockup designs are also available in full paperback.


Photography is a huge passion of mine, so you will find that some of my cover designs use imagery that I have taken. When one of my photos is incorporated, that means that is 100% unique as it cannot be purchased from any stock image bank.

Use the arrows (swipe on mobile) to flip through this small example of work. You can find more examples of my photography on Facebook.